About ME

Welcome to Bittersweet Haven and Other Random Stuff! Created 4 years ago as a portal for unleashing creativity on the web, this mummy has a slight obsession with baked goods, crafts and taking photos that goes a long way back. A  quick look through the blog will show you recipes, DIY crafts, baby stories, and some ‘other random stuff’. As busy as mummy days can be, nothing feels better than being able to connect with readers from around that world so feel free to look around, comment, and send emails and suggestions to tasmeea.k@gmail.com. Till then, happy reading!


8 thoughts on “About ME

    • Hi Ishita, thanks for dropping by as well! That’s alright, would love to hear more from you as well. Till then, I shall keep my eyes glued onto your mouth-watering page 🙂

Your comments mean a lot to me and I love reading each and every one of them. So don't be shy and leave your name as well :)

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