Crochet Hexagon Blanket

Yup, another crochet post. As the days go by, this blog seems to be turning into more of a crochet blog! For that you can blame a certain lady, who, last winter was heavily pregnant and extremely bored. Both of these led to long nights sitting in front of the TV and releasing creative energies into balls of yarn.

We are now well into Autumn and I’m already planning out my next few winter projects. However with 2 kids now, it will be a miracle if I get any knitwear made during this time! That being said, I certainly hope to have a few things to blog about towards the end of the year.

This ‘hexagon blanket’ idea is something I came across on Pinterest. The strange combo of colours is because I decided to use up leftover yarn without thinking too much about colour matching. To be honest, I didn’t think the blanket would be so simple and fun to make. Not to mention look totally awesome too. I’m thinking about making another one of these with a more appealing colour choice such as the one on this site which is where the original tutorial is from.


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