Crochet Triangle Scarf with Colour Blocking

We’re officially into the second half of the year!

I have this statement in my head pretty much every single July where I am stunned for a few weeks as I try to contemplate the fact that half of the current year has passed by and soon we’ll be waiting for New Year Eve’s fireworks again. Its really insane isn’t it?

And yes, this is another crochet post. I really do need to start that new page on my blog which lists all my crochet projects. Because that seems to be all I do in winter.

So this is a scarf that I came across on Pinterest – a crochet triangle scarf. I thought this was a really interesting pattern (click here for tutorial) and colour scheme. One that goes with most of my clothing.

I’ve worn it twice already and really love how it looks. The pattern is simple to follow and has repetitive stitches. There’s also a video tutorial on the website.

I added some tassels at the ends and corners (three in total). The scarf is surprisingly warm too, when worn around the neck. And it makes me look like someone out of a really popular instagram post so win, win!


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