Lacy crochet scarf

Two posts in a week? Has that ever happened on this blog? Probably not.

Winter is the time to knit. Not only because of the requirement of fluffy, wooly things to wear but also because sundown is at 5pm and then there’s just not much else to do except sitting around at home watching TV and relaxing. And that’s when I knit or crochet.

So this post is a quick one – just about two things that I made this winter for my friends. I tend to avoid making stuff because I end up not using/wearing it and then it just sort of demotivates me to make anything the following year. I’ve already made loads of stuff for family and extended family. So now I’ve started making goodies for friends. This has helped me get multiple projects out of the way and at the same time a lot of practice.

The first item that I made is a lacy crochet scarf made for my dear friend. I bought soft salmon pinkish wool and used a nice pattern from Lacy Crochet. It turned out beautifully and I wish I had taken more pictures of it. These are just a few shots that I took when i packaged them. I printed out the labels from a template online and made the ‘Crochet Goodness’ wrappers myself. The scarf was a bit too short in my opinion. A little bit longer would have been just perfect. I really liked this pattern, it was very repetitive and easy to make whilst watching my TV shows and even in the car when on a long drive.

The next one is a beanie crocheted using multicoloured wool to get the textures. This pattern was from Loved Handmade. I chose this pattern because it looks like it has been knit, with the ribbed effect and all. Most crochet patterns for beanies just look like little baby caps in my opinion and so I searched quite a bit to find a pattern that I liked.

My next project is a bunch of baby blankets. I’m not too confident if I will actually get through even the first one 😀 as its taking me a while. But if I get through it, keep a lookout on this blog!


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