Baby Z’s first ‘Quiet Book’

My profound obsession with Pinterest and DIY tutorials for baby stuff led me to the world of quiet books. The minute I saw a DIY Toddler Quiet Book I knew that I needed to make one. They’re so cute! And the opportunities for creative pages is endless.

Sewing isn’t really my cup of tea so I decided to take the easy way out and use felt. Using felt meant that I didn’t have to do extra things like hemming and binding etc. I bought a huge stack of different coloured felt online and still have about half of them leftover after this project so hopefully that means more felt projects coming up soon!

Here are a few pics to show the pages that I have made so far:

  1. Mr & Mrs Potato Head
    This set took up 2 pages. I got the tutorial from here. Its basically a simple ‘potato’ body which can be dressed with all the different accessories stored inside a separate pocket. Each of the accessories have velcro sewn on which makes it easier to stick onto the felt. Z isn’t a big fan of this page…yet. Hopefully he’ll grow into it!

Some of the different accessories:

A few ways Mr or Mrs Potato Head can be dressed up:

2. Apple Tree
This is Z’s favourite page to play with. It is a tree with ‘apples’ that need to be buttoned onto the tree. There’s also a basket to store the little apples. Very fun to play around with and learn to press on buttons! Tutorial for this page available here.

3. Stackable rings
Another page that I really enjoyed making and one that Z enjoys playing with! I love how bright and colourful the ‘rings’ look and with different sizes to remove and stick on its a great activity for toddlers to do. The wordpress site that I got this idea from isn’t in English but the concept is simple enough to make on your own.

4. The Dinosaur
This dinosaur page is from the same site with the apple tree. She’s got great tutorials for quiet books. The yellow spots and purple ‘spines’ are velcroed on so they can be rearranged on the dinosaur as needed and also stored in the little pocket on the left.

5. Giraffe with buttons
This page was probably a bit too ambitious for my 2 year old. He can pull the ‘bows’ off from the buttons but can’t put them back on and needs my help. No tutorial available for this one – I came across the picture on pinterest and thats about it. Also how cute is that giraffe?

6. Tic-Tac-Toe 
Another page that’s probably too advanced for a 2 year old. But it was really easy to make so I went for it. There are several tutorials for this one on the web but I think its still pretty easy to make without a tutorial. I added the ‘baskets’ myself to store the ‘noughts’ and ‘crosses’.

7. Flower buttons
Another one of my favourite pages. Love the colours on this one. The flowers are double layered and attached with buttons. So you can button on and off with different colours and change them around however you want. This is from the same website as the apple tree and dinosaur. Love that site!

8. Gumball machine
This one is actually available on Etsy for sale. Its got the similar concept of attaching buttons on and off.

More pages to come soon!

The verdict: are these ‘quiet books’ worth it? Will they actually keep your crazy toddler in one place for a few minutes? The answer is yes and no. Z is definitely entertained by it, but considering the time and effort required to make one page, I wouldn’t bother making a book just for him. Only the fact that I enjoy the process and cherishing them as memories makes it all worthwhile.


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