More scrapbooking (Singapore & Malaysia)

Warning: this is a pretty long post. Hence I’ve kept the title simple and self-explanatory. So this post is basically all about a scrapbook of our trip last year in March. Yup, you read that right – it took me pretty much a year to get this post up. But then again I spent ages preparing and making the scrapbook too.

If you know me well, you might have heard about my love for scrapbooks. I adore scrapbooks and I love making them. Even though they take FOREVER to make. But its so worth it when you look back through them later on.

Last year in March, we went to Singapore, Langkawi and KL for 2 weeks. I made sure I collected every single ticket, receipt, memo, etc from those 2 weeks. Anything at all that I could use. And then I decided to make this scrapbook easy to make and look through. In the past, I’ve decorated pages with themes and colour schemes, the whole taking up a lot of time. But this time I basically just combined all tickets, receipts, photos, and anything else that I saved from the trip all into one booklet.

Here are a few shots for you guys to look at:

  • I bought a whole bunch of alphabet stickers and label stickers to make things easier to decorate. And to avoid writing things in my messy handwriting.


  • I bought a pair of giant ring binders from eBay and used them to hold my scrapbook together. As you can see its pretty thick but the metal rings allow me to easily flip through the pages.


  • I used these colourful folder dividers with tabs for each ‘day’ of my trip. That way it was easier to see where everything was and also to separate the events of a particular day.


  • The alphabet stickers were great for labelling photos. Got them all from Spotlight.




  • The binder rings were great for attaching things like foldable maps into the scrapbook. I can easily take out the map if I wanted to open and look at it.


  • ¬†Another map:


  • Train line maps are a great keepsake for a scrapbook. This one has labels of all the stops we went to in one day!


  • I love how I was able to ‘layer’ little cards and tidbits – looks so visually appealing!



  • I bought little envelopes from Kmart to store little souvenirs and receipts. And how cute are these label stickers?



I was going to put way more photos into this post, but I think by now you’ve seen enough. Till next time!


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