Baby Name Blocks

It must be quite obvious from my blog that one of the things I love doing in my free time is baking.

No surprises there!

But it may come as a slight shock that the other thing I like to do from time to time is sewing.

Zakariya Baby name blocks

Now that might come as a surprise since there isn’t much about sewing on my blog.

The thing is, I’m not that great at sewing. I can get away with a few basics – I know how to operate a sewing machine, complete simple hand embroidery, and certain clothing alterations. But I am still a long way away from cutting up fabric and making my own creations. However I do find that sewing manages to give me the same calm and relaxation as baking does. And that’s why I bought myself a sewing machine two months before Baby Z was born.

Little did I know that sewing machine would not see the light of day for ages. At least not till after Baby Z came into this world. I did manage to make him a few things (read all about that here) before he was born  but that was about it. After that the sewing machine sat in its designated spot collecting dust for almost a whole year before I decided to start using it again.

These fabric name blocks were a project that I had set up right after I bought that sewing machine. I had a lot of scraps lying around and so I cut them all into 4 x 4 inch squares and organised them into sets of 6 to form cubes. I had even bought the stuffing (some sort of fiber polyfill) from Spotlight and left it in the back of my car. So the other day when I took out the pieces for this project I was able to start right away and finish the entire thing in about 3 or 4 sittings.

Baby name blocks

Fabric baby toys


Unfortunately I haven’t been able to make a tutorial for this but I followed one from this site and the instructions are very simple.

The verdict: Baby Z was more than a year old when I completed these. So obviously he took one look at them and wasn’t too impressed. Spent more time throwing them around than actually playing with them.

Oh well.

I’m sure they would look way better as bedroom or nursery decor anyway.


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