Baby Z turns ONE!

Actually 14 months to be exact. And that is because this post is extremely overdue.

We celebrated our little bundle of joy reaching his first major milestone this year in February. I was never one to celebrate big birthdays but I remember looking at my first birthday pictures with my parents and thinking how much fun it must have been. Everyone looked so dressed up and happy, and even though they were just pictures they were very important memories for me. For that reason I decided to have this event because I just didn’t want to look back on this day years from now and regret not celebrating my first born’s first birthday the way I wanted to.

So Baby Z became a one-year-old walking, talking (only baby language, but still…) full-time toddler two months ago and we decided to invite all our friends to celebrate. To sum it up, it was THE most exhausting thing I have ever done in my life. But in spite of it all, we do have some lovely memories that I’m sure we will cherish in the years to come. Here are a few snapshots of the beautiful day…

Here’s the smash cake that I baked for Baby Z, for him to ‘play with’ on the morning of his first birthday:

First birthday smash cake

Just a normal chocolate cake (recipe here) with buttercream frosting. Baby Z doesn’t seem too impressed, as you can see he would rather be sucking his fingers.

Baby turns one

The actual party was a few days later and while I didn’t really get to take pictures of all the little details that I originally wanted to, here are some that I managed to put together.

I had a lot of trouble choosing birthday themes because I couldn’t find something that my son would be able to relate to and I also didn’t want to choose something that had no relevance to him. Not that he would care either way, but still. In the end I chose Elmo as a theme/mascot to base everything around (Baby Z used to love his talking Elmo soft toy which he got as a present). But then I got sick of looking for Elmo party decor stuff and so I decided to just use the sesame street character colours as inspiration. Ok, to make a long story short, my theme pretty much just became some sort of bright colour theme.

This is the main table decor – me and hubby got a bunch of coloured streamers, coloured paper fans and put them all together. The birthday sign was made by me using some coloured chart paper.


Setting up dessert table and mini candy buffet – as you can see, bright colours was the main look I was going for.

First birthday candy buffet colourful

Of course no party is complete without cupcakes :D.


Elmo party decor

A few things for people to browse through: A year of firsts, a giant ‘Z’ for guests to sign, a white first birthday ‘chalkboard’, and some photo props.

activity table first birthday

Making the ‘chalkboard’ was the most fun printable I have made. I spent hours looking through first birthday chalkboards but just felt that they were all too black and unappealing. Then I decided that white was a much better background colour and the rest came pretty easily.


I made a giant letter ‘Z’ by paper mache and created a sign for guests to write birthday messages or anything else that they wanted to say.

Guest book sign page

And of course here’s the birthday cake! I bought the vintage sesame street figurines from ebay and let me tell you that they are the cutest thing ever! I kept them safe and sound so that Baby Z can play with them when he’s a bit older and starts liking Sesame Street (who doesn’t like Sesame Street, I mean come ON).

elmo birthday cake

Last but not least – party favours! The boxes were from ebay, and I created the labels by using a template from the internet which I later edited on Publisher.

I even had party favours for some of the kids who attended but unfortunately forgot to take pictures of them. I filled party bags which I bought from Kmart with little items like mini slinky, bubbles, mazes and puzzles, tiny water guns, wind up toys, crayons and mini notebooks, balloons, candy and party poppers. Yup I really wish I took photos of them.

Sesame street party favours

That pretty much sums up the party. If you liked this post and want ideas, tips, printables or have any questions about planning a first birthday party, just drop a comment below and I’m sure we could have an interesting conversation 🙂


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