My top 10 new baby must-haves

In a previous post I must have mentioned that I wanted to start a new page on this blog – one to do with babies and mommies.

Well, here’s the first post – my top 10 new baby must-haves!

Now this is just my list, every new mom out there will probably have her own list of must-haves and this might be completely different to what I’ve got here.

So basically, after you find out that you’re pregnant and realise that you need to be able to keep another human being ALIVE and somewhat functional, you might start to go a little crazy with the baby gear. Don’t blame yourself, there’s so much stuff out there it can get really overwhelming, especially with retailers trying to make you feel like you need every single thing (otherwise you are a bad parent blah blah blah).

On the other hand, a lot of people will tell you that you need pretty much nothing. In other words, everyone has an opinion on what’s important and what’s not in the world of baby gear.

If you ask me, babies actually don’t need much in the first few months. I’ve been quite blessed to have helpful friends who have prevented me from crazy purchases that I would later on regret (like, what on earth is a ‘wipes warmer‘?). That being said, now that my little bub is almost a year old, I feel that I have gathered enough experience to give you MY LIST:

  1. Baby bassinet – When your wakeup calls are something like 2 a.m., 4a.m., and 6 a.m., you’ll want to keep baby as close as possible in the first few weeks so that you can get some sleep. I got the bassinet addition to the pram that we bought and absolutely loved it. My baby slept in the bassinet day and night, as we could move it from room to room and then just attach it onto the pram whenever I went out. Probably my best purchase as of yet. Extra cosy for the horrible Sydney winters.
  2. city-select-bassinet-ruby-350x350BabyJoggerBassinet-3Bottle warmer – Before I had the baby I would have scoffed at this one. How hard is it to warm a bottle? It’s an easy job until you get stuck with a horribly cold winter and a new baby. The bottle warmer saved me lots of time, as I just made a bottle and left it in there until baby needed it. Safe to use, and much better for baby than the microwave. Very helpful in the middle of the night when you’re too comatose to go into the kitchen and warm a bottle.


3. Avent steriliser – Looks complicated but its not. Just pop bottles and anything else you want sterilised such as teething toys. Pour some water in and pop into the microwave. Easy to use and easy to clean. That being said, I know it is just as easy to use a pot of boiling water, but if you just want something fancy-schmancy and portable, go for it.


4. Ergobaby Swaddler – Babies love being swaddled and wrapped, so you definitely need something to do that. Swaddlers are quite good, baby can’t kick out of them and they remain tight and snug for a long time. You can easily change nappies without removing the entire thing, so baby remains undisturbed and asleep (if you’re lucky). However, if you’ve got a tall baby like mine, who loves to kick and squirm 24/7, you might not be able to use this product for long. But I would still recommend it for the newborn weeks.

Ergobaby swaddler

5. Onesies – I love onesies. I don’t think Baby Z wore anything but onesies for 3 months straight. I just couldn’t be bothered to deal with tiny arm holes and tiny buttons and what nots. Bonds onesies are particularly great as they are stretchable, last for ages and you don’t need socks and mittens for baby which is a huge bonus. I mean, who likes going through piles of washing to look for teeny tiny mittens and socks right?

Bonds onesies

6. Baby carrier – A lot of people say that baby carriers are unnecessary and useless. I disagree, even if you don’t want to use a carrier outside, it is of great help indoors. I’ve used the carrier to do random things around the house when Baby Z has been extra fussy and won’t let me put him down. You could probably use a wrap as well for a newborn, basically anything that lets you do a few things whilst having the baby strapped to your body.

babybjorn carrier


7. Sophie the giraffe (teething toy) – I think the picture pretty much sums up why this is an awesome toy. Its quite versatile, and even if you don’t buy many toys, this one should still be on your list.

Sophie the giraffe

8. Rocker or bouncer – Great for babies under 6 months and definitely a must-have. You can put the baby in the bouncer when you’re busy around the house and they can still see everything around them. They can also be rocked to sleep in them and you can even hang toys from the bar.


9. Diaper Bag – When a baby joins your family, one of the first things you notice is that there are a LOT of things you have to carry with you (including the baby!) when going outside. Diapers. snacks, bottles, formula, bibs, clothes etc, the list seems endless at times. And let’s not forget mommy’s necessities like wallet, sunglasses, phone, keys and what not. There are a lot of diaper bags out there, so pick one that has lots of pockets and extra storage space. Most of them come with a changing mat and this one (Ryco Jemima Spot Nappy Bag) even has a plastic bag for storing wet clothes.

Ryco Diaper bag

10. Baby lullaby app – Last but not least, this one was a life saver for me after baby Z was born. I used to play it from my phone at his bedtime and after a few weeks he learnt to fall asleep as soon as he heard it. In 8 weeks he was able to fall asleep by 8pm and left me free as a bird. Use any lullaby app to play the same song or set of songs at the same time to signal bedtime.

So there you have it. My top ten baby must-haves. Let me know in the comments below if you have different items on your ‘list’. And also what do you think about this new baby section?


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