Ombre Rose Cakes

I’ve recently become a tad bit obsessed with rose cakes.

ombre rose swirl cake with buttercream

rose swirl cake

If you spend as much time as I do on pinterest, you might notice that rose swirl cakes are so darn pretty! Especially the ones photographed under professional lighting. I’m always fascinated by how perfect they look.

I’ve mentioned before how frosting cakes has never really been my strong point. Especially fancy flowery type decorations. As much as I love to bake, decorating has always been a hassle for me and only on a few occasions things have actually turned out the way I planned. And when it comes to rose swirls…well, let’s just say that I’ve never had the steady hand required for that skill.

I found a tutorial for the ‘Ombre Rose Cake’ (first picture) on youtube and decided to try it out for hubby’s birthday. It’s basically a 3-layer cake, each layer consisting of a different flavour and colour. The frosting has a similar pattern, with a dark bottom layer and white top layer. My frosting started to melt half way through the process (nooo!!) so the end result didn’t turn out so smooth. Even though the cake didn’t look exactly like how I wanted it to, I was really happy with the three different layers and how good they tasted. Not to mention how good they look in photos!

Baby Z is currently at the stage where the mere sight of any food fascinates him. And this is cake we’re talking about! It does look good doesn’t it?

ombre rose cake

The bottom layer is my One Bowl Chocolate Cake (divide recipe by half), while the top vanilla layer is a standard butter cake (recipe can be found from Martha Stewart here). For the butter cake I used only half of the recipe and then divided the batter into two batches. For one batch I mixed in some coffee powder (1 teaspoon) and brown food colouring to make the middle layer. I added the food colouring to get the ombre colours and the coffee just for flavour.The second batch of butter cake I left on its own to make up the top layer.

Here’s another one I baked a few weeks later (One Bowl Chocolate cake again) and used whipped cream to make rose swirls. Instead of ombre colours this one is just made up of three random colours.

pink swirl rose cake

That’s about it for now. Keep your eyes on this page for more blogposts!


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