Out and About: Long weekend at the South Coast

Hello readers!

First of all let me wish a very Happy Ramadan to all. If you’re lucky enough to be living in Sydney (where we fast for only 12-13 hours and it is currently winter) you probably don’t even realise that you’re fasting thanks to freezing weather this year. For some reason I find this year is a lot colder than previous years. It might also be because with a baby in the house I’m a lot more aware of how cold it gets.

This post is about the long weekend that we spent at the South Coast last month. We took a mini trip down to Berry and Kiama for the weekend and had a great time. It was our first trip since the baby and definitely one worth remembering.

Even though it was really nice to get away from Sydney, we were probably more exhausted after the trip because we had a baby with us. However it did teach me a thing or two about travelling with an infant and will help me prepare for future trips.

While I didn’t get to take as many pictures and explore the place as much as I wanted, here are a few snapshots to summarise our long weekend.

South Coast trip

Berry is basically a small, country town filled with historical buildings and lots of little cafes. It is about a two hour drive from Sydney making it the perfect destination for a weekend getaway.

The first spot we hit was the all famous Sourdough Bakery & Cafe. Absolutely buzzing with travellers and tourists, this little cafe is pretty famous at Berry. It was actually a bakery once upon a time and has been transformed to what it is today – a shabby chic cafe famous for its baked goods and giant latte in a bowl (it literally comes in a bowl).

Berry Sourdough Cafe

Sourdough Cafe

Very old fashioned looking with chic table settings – loved the country feel and atmosphere.

Berry Sourdough Cafe

I was really excited to visit this cafe because I had heard so much about the place. To be honest, I found the cafe a bit too small for my liking and much too cramped. Not only is it very small but Sunday mornings seem to be their busiest day and definitely not the best time to manoeuvre a giant baby pram through all the crowd.

We ordered the baked eggs with roast mushrooms and rocket and I also tried the famous sourdough toast. I was quite impressed with the toast, it had a nice flavour and texture. The baked eggs were really good too.

Baked eggs

Sourdough breakfast

Berry is a very small town. Not much going on here but our long weekend happened to fall at the same time as the Country Fair which takes place every month or so. It is basically a hotspot for lots of cute stalls selling homemade goodies. I was particularly mesmerised by this stall selling homemade jams and chutneys. Even bought myself a jar of gooseberry jam (tastes delish) and mango butter.

Jams in every favour

The town of Berry pretty much looks like a storybook town. Reminds me of something from an old Western film.

The town of Berry


The famous Berry Donut Van – they really do have the best donuts. Freshly deep fried and coated in cinnamon sugar exactly like the old fashioned kind. Totally hit the spot.

Berry Donut Van

Berry Donut Van donuts

We had lunch/brunch at a cafe called Sakana Fresh. While there are lots of places to eat at Berry, I picked this particular place because it looked like it had a good menu. We picked the fish burrito with sweet potato fries. I’ve never had sweet potato fries before and now I know that I’ve been missing out! They were absolutely delicious!

Sakana Fresh

Fish Burrito with Sweet Potato Fries

Even though this is in the middle of winter we were blessed to have good weather during that long weekend and spent the last day at beautiful Kiama.



That’s all for today – hope to see you back on this page soon!


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