Out and About: Papparich

Ever since I’ve entered into the world of blogging, my posts have more or less been centred around my life in Dubai and now in Sydney. I just came to realise recently that not many of you would know that I spent most of my childhood and primary schooling growing up in one of the best cities in South East Asia – Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia.

I won’t go into details about the six years that I spent in that beautiful city – perhaps that should make it into another separate post! But while it’s true that I have been away from KL for so long, it certainly doesn’t mean I’m a foreigner to Malaysian gastronomical delights. I tend to keep a lookout for them here in Sydney and that’s how my ears have been ringing continuously from all the talk about Papparich- the new best place in town to get authentic Malaysian cuisine.

Hubby and me decided we would not be left out of all this and decided to go and try it out for my birthday dinner.

The parramatta branch is located near Church street, right opposite the station and in view of many other special restaurants. I knew the place was popular but I did not expect lines to be as crazy as this even after half an hour of waiting!

papparich parramatta

The inside of the restaurant is as busy as the outside. But thank goodness you have your own little green button to press and get the waiter’s attention!


And I really can’t get over the cute little notepad where you have to fill out what you want to eat using codes from the menu. Then you can just hand over the little notepad to the waiter once you’re done. Efficient or what?

Menu Papparich

I’ve heard a lot about the different types of laksa on the menu at Papparich, however we were smack in the middle of summer and it was just too hot a day to try something like laksa and ruin my experience at Papparich. So I opted for the Pappa Fried Rice Noodles instead while hubby got Nasi Lemak.

Fried Noodles Papparich

I enjoyed the flavours in the fried rice noodles, and while it was certainly better than what I had tasted in most places, I still thought it was missing something.

The Nasi Lemak, on the other hand, was spot on. However, I would still say that the classic Roti Canai was the winner. It was soft and fluffy on the inside and crisp and flaky on the outside. Served on a platter with curry, daal and sambal, I pretty much ate the whole thing by myself and even wished I had space for one more. I also thought the menu was quite impressive in terms of the different curries and dips available with Roti Canai.

Roti Canai Papparich

We also tried some vegetable dumplings as a starter. They weren’t too bad, had all the right flavours but perhaps not the best starter on the menu. I’m willing to try out the satay platter next time.

Papparich Dumplings

The wide list of drinks on the menu is extensive. I ordered the Teh Tarik, which is basically a classic iced milk tea while hubby ordered the Milo Dinosaur on my recommendation. The Milo Dinosaur is a drink that was very popular in Malaysia when we were kids. Yes it’s pretty much a mug of iced milo drink but tastes pretty good all the same.

 Overall, I was really happy to have tried out Papparich and enjoyed the night out all the same. However, I’m not too sure I liked the atmosphere inside – everything just seemed too rushed to enjoy a nice dinner. Definitely worth going there for the food, however don’t expect  to be able to dawdle and have a nice long chit chat with friends. You pretty much feel the pressure to sit down, order quickly and then finish eating and leave. I suppose I might try going on a less busy day to try out some of the other great things on the menu. Anyway, enough chattering from me, keep your eyes on this page for the next post!


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