Minecraft craziness

2015 already, can you believe it?

Greetings from yet, another new year that this blog has managed to survive through.

In any case you were wondering, yes, this blog is still up and running. Even though it has recently been on a 3 month hiatus with no explanation whatsoever. Apologies for that – it must be annoying to keep checking this page constantly and finding no new activity. So if you are reading this as a loyal follower of my blog, kudos and many thanks to you for keeping my stats up and running!

I won’t make explanations right now about my missing status on the blog. 2014 was a memorable and busy year for me, with too many social events, crazy days at work, and just too much to do altogether. So it was great to have 3 weeks off from work in December to be able to just sit back and complete a lot of unfinished work around the house.

A friend of mine recently asked if I could make a cake for her brother’s birthday. He was a huge fan of the game minecraft and so she gave me a picture of the cake that she wanted.

Minecraft cake

It looked simple enough and she was a good friend of mine so I went ahead with it. I saw it as a simple project to complete during the holidays.

The finished cake was 10″ x 10″. I baked a simple butter cake, cut it into 3 layers and filled the layers with whipped cream.

birthday cake layers

This is the first time I had used fondant to cover an entire cake. I must say, it certainly takes a lot less effort than making buttercream frosting, checking that it has the right consistency, and then spending ages trying to frost the cake so that it has smooth finish.

Red and white cake

Birthday cake mine craft

With fondant its just roll, cover and everything else is set to go. I covered the entire cake with white fondant, then I used brown fondant to make a border and then I made the rest of the red and white bits.

Decorating the entire cake took a lot less time and effort than any other cake that I have decorated. Looks like me and fondant are going to become very good friends!

Minecraft decorated cake

red and white cake mine craft

Here are a few shots of another cake order completed in early December. I made a bunch of custom ordered cupcakes for a graduation party. I must say cupcakes take a lot more work than a single cake. Making every single one of those yellow graduation caps took me ages – 60 in total! And it was just too hard to get every single edge straight and smooth.

By the time I was done, I barely had enough energy to open my camera app and take a few shots (in very bad lighting nonetheless!).

Graduation decorated cupcakes

Cupcakes in boxes

I ordered white cupcake boxes from ebay (part of the order) and iced the cupcakes with blue frosting. The graduation hats were made a few days in advance so that they had enough time to dry out and become stiff. Placing the cupcakes into individual boxes also made it easier to transport them altogether without any damage.

And to top it off, 2015 should be the year of another huge surprise awaiting (more on that later if you keep your eyes glued to this page)! Until then, see you all next time…


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