Burger Birthday Cake

Sounds a bit contradictory in terms of flavours to have ‘burger’ and ‘cake’ in the same sentence, doesn’t it?

Hubby’s birthday passed by a while ago and that was the time for me to sit around scratching my head frantically for a new cake idea.  We had both been very busy at work and having his birthday on a weekend meant that we actually had time to do something nice.

My search for a fun cake to make resulted in many interesting finds. If you’re ever bored and have some time to kill, take a look at all the pretty cakes and cupcakes on pinterest (something I have become extremely addicted to). The idea of a burger cake really caught my eye because first of all, I was surprised at how very easy it is to make. I could also imagine the fun our families would have cutting into it and looking through the different layers.

It also helped that I found an easy tutorial on youtube uploaded by Nerdy Nummies. I might have mentioned the show before – when I made the Checkerboard Chess Cake. They make a lot of interesting goodies that I really want to try out one by one 🙂

Fondant birthday cake

This cake is basically made up of 3 different cakes. The ‘bread’ is made from a basic butter cake, you can use any recipe or try this one from Martha Stewart‘s website. I baked the cake in two 8-inch round cake pans and used leftover cake batter for some cupcakes. The top layer is supposed to be baked in a round bowl to get the round shape but I just trimmed the edges a bit to make it look round. Then I baked a small chocolate cake in the same size cake pan which constitutes the ‘meat patty’.

Burger birthday cake

The remaining parts of the burger can be made using fondant. This was actually my first time using fondant for any sort of cake decor. The only other time I’ve used fondant was to cut out little flowers for cupcakes and that itself was a slight challenge for me. I dyed the fondant into two colours – yellow for cheese and green for lettuce leaves. I used red buttercream icing to frost the layers together and made it look like ketchup. But you could use fondant for that as well as shown in the video and even make little red tomato slices.

Hamburger cake

I could have used fondant to cover the cake but opted for brown coloured buttercream frosting instead. It didn’t give me the nice smooth edges that I had hoped for, which you can probably tell from the photos. However, using fondant is something I still find tricky and probably need more practice to master the skill.

I do wish I had taken a picture once the cake was cut. It was really nice to be able to see the different layers along with the bits of fondant. But that’s what happens when you’re in a hurry to eat cake!


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