Out and About – Armoury Wharf Cafe

Hello once again!

Apologies for being out of the loop again. I have no idea what I’ve been up to all this time but for some reason today is the only day I’ve managed to sit in front of the computer to write this post.

So lately me and a few friends have started going out for brunch. With busy weekends packed with events and invites, going for a bite to eat in the morning has been the only way we’ve managed to unwind. I’ve been to Armoury Wharf Cafe, Bello Cafe and Kazbah all in one month! With the exception of Kazbah’s 8-course breakfast the other two places were new to me and and amongst them I really enjoyed brunching at Armoury Wharf hence that’s where this post came from.


Our series of brunches starts at Armoury Wharf Cafe which is located at the Newington wharf. A friend of mine introduced this place to me and we all decided to try it out on a cold winter morning.

Armory Cafe

Armoury Wharf Cafe

It was freezing so the first thing I ordered was a nice hot latte. It is absolutely beautiful being able to sit by the water and have a nice breakfast in the morning.

I must say I was highly impressed with the menu here. They have three menus for breakfast, lunch, dinner and even a kids menu. The breakfast menu had lots of choices ranging from muesli, croissants, several variations of eggs Benedict and even the traditional English breakfast.

This is what I picked:

Huevos Ranchos – lightly fried corn tortilla’s topped with a tomato chilli sauce, Mexican style refried beans, sliced jalapeños and topped with 2 poached eggs and finely diced avocado.  Served in the pan.

Huevos Ranchos

It was absolutely delicious and extremely filling. Other items that we tried were the ‘field mushrooms’:

Roasted field mushrooms w/ garlic and balsamic glazed served on toasted sour dough toast and sauteed spinach and creme fraiche.

Field Mushrooms

Ricotta Hot Cakes:

Moey’s Mediterranean Ricotta Hot Cakes served with pistachio, rosewater and berry compote, topped with sweetened ricotta.

Ricotta Hot Cakes

And finally:

Sweet potato and coriander cake served with smoked salmon, avocado, baby spinach and creme fraiche.

Sweet potato and coriander cake

Now you know why I said this menu was ‘impressive’. Every single item is worth trying out and I would say this is now officially my favourite place to brunch.

Stay tuned for more brunch related posts!


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