Road trip to Central Coast

Hello and welcome to my first post of 2014!

Even though its about two…no wait, make that three weeks late. Oops!

So this post is not exactly food related or anything, its just about a short trip we took last month. December and January are always extremely busy for us with weddings, dinner invites and trying to squeeze in getaways for ourselves. Since we only had a few days to spare, me and hubby went on a mini road trip to a few places around Central Coast.

road trip in the morning

First road trip for me and hubby – you should have seen our stash of snacks and supplies. I will admit that we kind of over did it.

We spent a few nights at The Entrance and then drove further onto Nelson Bay and Newcastle. The Entrance is basically a beautiful place about an hour and half away from Sydney. Before you start to respond that an hour and a half of driving isΒ hardly anything close to a road trip, I’ve decided I’m still going to call it a road trip.

Anyway,Β I absolutely loved The Entrance. Most relaxing place I’ve ever been to and I’m already planning on going back there. The best thing about the place is that even though there are quite a few things to do, you can either choose to do them or not bother at all and just lay at the beach all day. And you don’t even feel bad about it.

Here are a few shots at The Entrance.

Beautiful lighthouse near a beach where we took almost a million pictures.

dusky beach

beautiful rocks

hubby walking on the rocks

I was pretty disappointed that it was slightly cloudy most of the time that we were there. So we couldn’t go fishing like we had originally planned to and opted for activities like bike riding.

And of course we loved the pelican feeding, which is what The Entrance is famous for.

pelican feeding

Nothing like watching a bunch of pelicans going crazy over fish to brighten up your mini vacation.


Unfortunately I didn’t get to take a lot of yummy food related pictures. Our trip was during the Christmas holidays which meant that on Christmas day pretty much everything was closed except for McDonalds. So that was what we had for breakfast and lunch while we were driving around Nelson Bay and Newcastle. Luckily enough we made it back to The Entrance for dinner. We found a really nice Thai restaurant right below our hotel and spent a lot of time having meals over there.

However, on the first day we had breakfast at The Green Bean Cafe which is a short drive from The Entrance. It was one of those gloomy, slightly rainy mornings so it was nice to be able to sit down to a hot breakfast after a morning of driving. I ordered the french toast with bananas and caramel sauce and hubby had an entire scrambled eggs breakfast.

Breakfast at the green bean cafe

The green bean cafe

I also really wanted to go the The Glass Onion Society which is basically a coffee shop/clothing store. It looked very funky with a 70’s decor, lots of couches and a very hipsterish vibe. It’s got a lot of great reviews as well so I was really disappointed that it was closed on both days that we happened to pass by it. Just managed to get a little peek.

the glass onion society central coast

The glass onion society

And to finish it off- some NYE fireworks. What did you all do for NYE?

fireworks NYE

New Years Fireworks



4 thoughts on “Road trip to Central Coast

  1. I love that you took more snacks than you needed – always good to be prepared in the food department πŸ˜‰ And 1.5 hours driving is TOTALLY a road trip! It looks great fun πŸ™‚

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