Checkerboard Chess Cake

A few months ago I came across a really cool video on youtube.

A tutorial about how to make a chess cake.

And by chess cake, yes, I mean an actual cake that resembles a chess board!

It was on a show called ‘Nerdy Nummies’ and you can view the link here. But first, here’s what the cake looks like…

chess cake

How cool is that? Okay, it’s not a complete chess board, only about half. But that’s just because this was a last minute decision and I didn’t have time to get a bigger square cake pan. Or a smaller chocolate mould.

chocolate moulds

The video outlines the entire procedure so elaborately that it will amaze you as to how easy it is to make something that looks this good. After watching it, I searched online until I found a few places in Sydney which sell chocolate chess moulds. Did you know there’s actually a whole range of unique chocolate moulds which you can buy online? Okay, I didn’t, so I was pretty impressed. The moulds which I bought had all the chess pieces and also a square block for the board.

chess piece

I bought two bags each, of Nestle milk chocolate and white chocolate melts. You literally have to just melt it in a bowl, or use microwave proof squeeze bottles (makes everything much easier) and fill the moulds with chocolate. Afterwards, use a toothpick to fix any gaps and place the moulds in the fridge for about ten minutes or until set. Altogether we made about 16 square pieces, half white and half brown, and 16 chess pieces. Each chess piece is actually made up of two halves which need to be ‘glued’ together with chocolate. So about 32 chess ‘halves’ altogether. Watch the video, they explain it way better than me.

chess cake

I always tend to make the all time favourite ‘One Bowl Chocolate Cake’ when making special cakes or novelty cakes. But I thought that would be just too much chocolate to enjoy. So I baked a regular vanilla butter cake, cut it into two layers and joined them together with some fresh cream, whipped with icing sugar. I frosted the entire cake with chocolate cream, which is just fresh whipping cream whipped together with some cocoa and melted chocolate.

And on a completely different note, I finally managed to go and see Sculptures by the Sea. I’ve missed it twice in a row and even though I picked a really hot Sydney day, then spent literally one hour looking for parking, it was still a nice way to spend Sunday afternoon.

Just a few of the random shots I had on my phone –

Glass sphere, looked beautiful next to the sea

glass sphere

‘Nomadic City’ – my favourite one, even though hubby doesn’t seem to get it.

sculptures by the sea nomadic city

And finally, funny or what?


That’s all for now 🙂 see you next time.


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