My first attempt at a rockstar birthday cake

birthday cake for boys

A guitar cake to be more accurate.

Two weekends ago was my husband’s birthday and I decided it was finally time to get over my love-hate relationship with frosting. I like frosting. I really do. But I’m usually so bad at it that I choose to avoid it altogether most of the time. Usually because every time I try, I’ve made frosting that either separated due to over-mixing, or was too runny to squeeze into pretty shapes.

But then I came across this tutorial for an electric guitar from Betty Crocker and was amazed at how easy it looked. I was looking for a nice cake to make for my husband’s birthday and this time I really wanted to try something new and different. The tutorial makes everything really easy. Basically you start from a rectangular shaped cake. Then download the guitar template and cut it out. Place it on top of the cake and cut out the required shapes. Simple as that. The website even has a ‘How-to’ video that really gives you a good idea of what you need to do.

guitar shaped birthday cake

I made my favourite One Bowl Chocolate Cake which is the perfect, smooth chocolate cake for a birthday. I doubled the recipe and baked it in a 13 x 9 inch rectangular cake pan. As per the picture, I used green and white buttercream frosting for the cake and chocolate frosting for the handle, and finally added some ‘strings’ with liquorice and decorated with some gum candy.

As you can see, getting a smooth finish to my cake took forever and its still not even as close to smooth as I was hoping for. But after two hours of cutting, crumb-coating and decorating, I was too tired to continue and managed to scribble some words next to the cake. And by that time I already had a smile on my face as this was a very challenging task for me and I was really happy with the outcome.

I’ve made another cake since then, so watch this space for the next blog post!


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