Fun Fridays- Handmade cards

I know Friday has passed yet again but to compensate I am back with more cards.

And no, I haven’t switched over from being baking crazy to card making crazy.

Or at least I don’t think so.

Its nearly the end of my first semester back at uni, which means piled up readings, deadlines and the dreaded end of semester submissions. Add to that a thesis yet to be started (forget about completing at this point!), and that leaves more or less no time for baking and coming up with new things to blog about.

As I might have mentioned previously, making handmade cards is something I started at the beginning of this year. So now instead of looking for recipes online or looking through cook books, I spend more leisure time browsing through craft shops and looking for textured paper wherever I go. I’m not sure how I started this new hobby but it is something I find simple and easy enough to do sitting in my room on a quiet day and I guess that’s why I’ve been doing it a lot lately.

I was just going some photos in my Instagram when I realised that I’ve made a lot of cards in the past few months and perhaps its time to blog about them. The only annoying part is that for some reason I can’t seem to put up the actual photos from my phone, which are of a better quality. Its a new phone and I have yet to open the manual even though I got it weeks ago! So I apologise in advance for the lack of clarity in most of these photos as they’ve been taken from Instagram.

Paper quilling is also something I’ve become very fond of recently. I find that it can really make a card extra special and unique. Here’s a simple one I made a few weeks ago. Still a bit unfinished, was planning on adding a few more leaves at the base of the flower. I actually used a patterned punch on the green border at the bottom and put a piece of glittered card under that but I guess its not too visible because of the poor picture quality 😦

quilled card flower

Handmade Valentines’ Day card-

valentines day card

 Birthday card made for a friend- found the butterfly piece in a craft shop!

handmade card

One of my favourite quilled cards. I actually found this design on the internet and made a similar version of it. Took me ages!

quilled card flowers

Mother’s Day card-

mothers day card handmade

My latest quilled creation-

purple flowers

 Birthday card- I really need to find a better way to write card captions. My mess handwriting is all I can use since I don’t have a coloured printer yet but I have been thinking about embossing or getting a few stamps.

pink green bday card

 Anniversary card I made earlier this year-

handmade anni card

And that’s all for now. Got another blog post that should come up soon! In the meantime let me know what you think of my cards 🙂


4 thoughts on “Fun Fridays- Handmade cards

  1. Tasmeea!!! I am just in love with your blog & this last one gave me the perfect idea for a graduating friend 😀 The quilled ones are awesome…merci beaucoup

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