Sunshine State here we come!

Its been a while since my last ‘travel’ post. In fact, it was about a year ago when I had my wedding. And that’s pretty much why we went on this trip last month because, as you may have already guessed…

The first year is over!!

anniversary card

Yup, my anniversary just passed last month (thanks to everyone for all the lovely wishes). So how do you celebrate your first anniversary? We settled for having a nice family dinner and invited a few close relatives and that was followed by a short trip to the beautiful Sunshine State.

view from our hotel

I kind of expected way more sun to be honest.

I’ve been to the Gold Coast before but as that was only for a few hours, I didn’t really get to do much sight-seeing, So it was the perfect destination for a short trip in the middle of a crazy semester at university. Hubby also had some trouble getting leave so between the two of us, we had just about enough time to be away for a couple of days.

surfers paradise beach

I was a bit disappointed with the cloudy weather and showers of rain. But it turned out alright and we were able to make the most of it.

For most people, the Gold Coast is all about theme parks and scary rides. But as I never have the stomach for adrenaline-filled activities, you would understand why I chose to limit our time near roller coasters and looked for other things we could both enjoy together.

gold coast roller coaster

And of course we ate lots of great food.

Let’s start with the best fish tacos I have ever had in my life! During the weekend we hired a car and drove to Byron Bay from the Gold coast. Byron Bay is basically a beachside town famous for really beautiful beaches and the photogenic lighthouse. Or so I think.

fish taco

Let’s just say I would drive all the way back to have those fish tacos again!

byron bay lighthouse

This is what we had for breakfast on our first day- savoury pancakes with salmon and hollandaise sauce.

pancakes with salmon

Grilled baramundi fillets with chips and salad for lunch.

baramundi fillet

Lunch at a very interesting restaurant – ‘Fasta Pasta’. The pasta wasn’t too bad, I tried a vegetarian pasta dish and although I liked it I would still say that the grilled baramundi was dish of the day.

fasta pasta lunch

And last dessert of the trip- the all favourite chocolate fondant.

chocolate fondant

I would say that this was the best part of our trip- a visit to Tambourine Mountain. We drove about an hour all the way up hills and through valleys to go on a ‘rainforest walk’.

black and white

rainforest 2

rainforest 3


It was absolutely beautiful to be amongst acres and acres of trees and stunning greenery. So we had a wonderful ‘eco-adventure’ where hubby tried out his photography and I took the opportunity to wear my new boots.

rainforest walk


Coming back to Sydney was huge wake up call. It was off the plane and straight onto a train to uni for me. I had about 6 hours of classes to attend on the day I got back so that wasn’t much fun. And don’t even get me started on all the crazy workload that had piled up while I was away on holiday.

I certainly hope we can make trips like this an annual thing. Fingers crossed!

So let me know in the comments below, what do you do on special occasions like anniversaries?


8 thoughts on “Sunshine State here we come!

  1. The pasta and desert look fab. I really like the black and white photo of you looking at the sign. I was actually just thinking the other day about your anniversary. I was like “Wow a year ago D and T got married.” (I was thinking about it because I had my last professional driving lesson before your wedding and it has been over a year since I was behind the wheel, lol.)

  2. Raisa…U two love birds..always please us!..Specially Tasmeea..ur charm n creativity is such an encourage n spirit to me…love u a lot…Go ahead with new thoughts…May allah bless u.! ❤ 😀

  3. Happy belated anniversary! It looks like you had a fab time on your trip! Btw, lol, when I read that you visited the “sunshine state” I thought you were referring to California hahah 🙂

  4. Hey Tas!!!!! happy belated anniversary… glad to know you enjoyed your short break well…. have loads of fun and God Bless You 😀

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