Out and About: Cafe Bodrum

auburn japanese garden

Can you believe its already past the middle of February? When did January end? I feel like 2013 started only last week or something. Amazing how time flies!

We’re almost near the end of another beautiful summer in Sydney and while I’m happy to say my goodbyes to the scorching hot days, I will surely miss the sun and being able to go outside without a sweater. So as a tribute to my first summer in Sydney after ages, I’ve tried to spend as much time as I can outdoors. And I’ve also started this post with a beautiful shot of the Auburn Botanic Gardens. Anyway, this post is another one of my ‘Out and Abouts’ and I’m just going to apologize in advance for the lack of proper photos. I’ve just used a few of my Instagram photos because I didn’t take a camera to these places.

As you might know, last week was Valentines’ Day, and even though it was a busy day for both me and hubby, and dinner plans weren’t on the table, we still ended up going out to dinner. To tell you the truth Valentines Day isn’t that much of a big deal for either of us as we don’t see anything special about it. But then again, we do look for any excuse to be able to eat out. And we were starving so Cafe Bodrum is where we ended up. It’s in central Auburn and about 10 minutes walking distance from where I live! I’ve actually been wanting to try out Cafe Bodrum for a while. I’ve walked past it more times than I can count and been tempted with their posters of delicious Mediterranean chargrilled food.

Cafe Bodrum

It was a beautiful evening. If you’ve ever seen Cafe Bodrum the first thing you would notice is how open the dining area is. It’s supposed to be ‘indoor’ because its enclosed in a wooden fence but since the fence has huge gaps, you also feel like you’re eating outside. You get to feel the wind and hear all the hustle-bustle of the streets and still feel like you have some privacy. I really wish I had taken more photos!

Even though its called a ‘cafe’ I would say that Cafe Bodrum can pass for a classy restaurant. They have a great menu that has enough variety to really get your stomach rumbling with Mediterranean and Turkish food but also classic favourites like seafood marinara pizza, tempura flathead fillets and rib eye steak. I’ve heard they also have an extensive breakfast/brunch menu which I have yet to try out. But I can say that their Chicken salad wraps are one of my favourite things to grab when I am in a hurry.


For entree we ordered Salt and Pepper Squid

Salt Pepper Squid Cafe Bodrum

Basically fried squid, served with rocket salad. I really liked the rocket salad and the squid was good but I thought it could use a bit more seasoning. It is called Salt and Pepper Squid after all!

For the main meal, hubby ordered something called ‘Manti’ which neither of us have ever heard of or tried before. It was similar to stuffed pasta, where the filling was spicy minced lamb. Neither of us expected it to be swimming in yoghurt and I think that sort of ruined it for us. It was just too much yoghurt and that washed out the taste of the meat, which my husband claimed was barely there! I was very impressed with the size of the servings, which as you can tell, are close to huge.


What I ordered: The Prawn Linguini. I’ve been talking about prawn linguini for weeks. Every time we’ve walked or driven past Cafe Bodrum, my eyes have kept falling on a poster hung outside the cafe with a picture of the prawn linguini dish. It’s not the only poster on the outside but its the one that catches my eye every single time. So when I finally got to order the prawn linguini, my husband said I  had hyped up the dish way too much and would probably be really disappointed.

prawn linguini Cafe Bodrum

I was not. The prawn linguini was everything I expected. Huge tiger prawns with fresh tomato and lots of flavour of garlic and parsley. It was a HUGE portion, I’m pretty sure two people could eat that dish. And I would definitely order it again.

Overall, a great restaurant with great atmosphere. I personally think the dining area is pretty small. I would be really hesitant to take a large group of people with me for fear of crowding up the place.

And then of course we had dessert. At Wafflicious. Which is also another great place to hang out. And eat waffles of course.

Wafflicious Caramelicious


And during the weekend we hung around at Auburn Botanic Gardens. I never realised how beautiful or how big that place was. Definitely going back there again pretty soon.

auburn botanics

peacock auburn botanics

That’s it for this week! I’m due to start university really soon and I certainly hope I can put up a yummy blog post before I get all busy and sucked into the crazy world that is academics. Till then, keep smiling 🙂


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