Card Making (New Years, Baby Girl and Pink Flowers)

Not exactly a very organized title.

So I might have mentioned in a previous post about my recent obsession with scrapbooking and card making. In other words, anything to do with cutting and organizing pretty paper is all that I think about nowadays. Unfortunately scrapbooking was something I couldn’t do for long as it only seems fun when I’ve gone on a trip or something. So I tried my hand at making cards, which I found very enjoyable and liked the fact that it didn’t take up too much of my time.

This post is just a short one about a few cards I’ve made recently.

3 handmade cards

2013 New Years Card

The first one, I decided to make for my husband for New Years. I wanted to try something a bit funny and unexpected, only to end up with something I didn’t really know how to fix. I came across this funny cartoon where it shows ‘2012’ going away and ‘2013’ being welcomed into the New Year. I decided to turn the idea into a card. And I was pretty psyched when I found small wooden numbers and little ‘beady’ eyes in a craft shop.

handmade new years card 2013

For some reason  it made much less sense on paper than it did in my head! After giving it to my husband I’m pretty sure he stared at it for a few minutes before understanding what I was trying to imply. He denies it. Of course he does.

All in all, I guess the card was just a bit too cluttered. But it served its purpose well- we wrote down all our resolutions for the next year. And even though its unlikely most of those resolutions will actually be completed, its nice to know they’ve been penned down properly.

handmade new years card

Newborn Baby Girl

Over the past few months, at least three of my friends have had new babies. Any excuse to make new cards! I first made a card similar to the one below and gave it to a friend when her baby was born last year. She really liked it and then I made this one for another friend, using leftover pieces. I bought a stash of textured pink paper and used a few sheets layered together to really make the textures stand out. The baby bib I found at a craft store and that’s pretty much where the inspiration came from.

baby girl card handmade

New baby girl card

Blank Flower Card

Last, but not least, this is what I came up with from the top of my head on a rainy Saturday afternoon. I call it a blank card because I think it could be used for almost any purpose. I started making these flowers after watching a video on youtube and that’s pretty much all I needed.

handmade flower card

That’s all for this post. Sorry to all my readers out there who are waiting eagerly for my next yummy baking experiment, but I will get to that soon enough! For now, let me know in the comments below, what you think about having a handmade card section on this blog?


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