Bits and pieces from my wedding: Part 2

If you asked anyone about what they enjoyed most in a wedding, you would hear many different answers.

Some would say getting dressed up for such a special occasion makes it all worthwhile. Others praise the food or look forward to catching up with people who they may have seen after ages. In my opinion, I would say that its all the behind-the-scenes wedding prep that you end up doing with people who are important to you. My wedding would not have been possible without all the friends and family who not only attended but helped us out with all the crazy stuff. Staying up for nights in a row making finishing touches may not seem so great at the time but afterwards its these moments that stay with you…
So when I posted Bits and pieces from my wedding: Part 1, I know I said Part 2 would come out soon and I’m guessing ‘more than a month’ later isn’t exactly soon. I could rattle on about a bunch of excuses but in truth I think I just got carried away with other stuff. But to make up for it, this post has way more pictures than the first one! For this part I’ve sort of tried to mash up a few ‘pre-wedding’ pictures from my own camera.

Once again, these pictures don’t really have much order so please ignore that. I should probably work a bit on my organizational skills at this point.

Ribbons, ribbons and more ribbons. I can never get over how many presents you see at a wedding.

Craft supplies!

Instead of conventional wrapping paper, we used transparent fabric.

That’s my Nikkah saree

Henna night outfit

Handmade decoThis is sort of my own red carpet- I walked over it when I had to come down the stairs on my henna night.

Come to think of it, I don’t think anyone could actually see all the hand-painted work with half a dozen girls walking over it!

I can still remember the smell of the room when we brought in buckets of fresh flowers for the stage. And yes, every single one of them are real.

 I’m not sure what’s coming for Part 3. Any suggestions? What would you like to see? Just leave a comment to let me know!

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