My Foodie in New Zealand

What happens when you decide to go away for a week long holiday? You eat tons of unhealthy food. Not exactly something to brag about but going through all the pictures in my camera, it seemed like a shame not to be able to post some of them up. So here’s a short post and a few pictures from my trip to New Zealand last month.

 You can never go wrong with pizza. So this is where I dragged my husband as soon as we got there- a little kebab shop right at the heart of the city. Delicious thin crust pizza with marinated lamb and vegetables and yogurt sauce. Even had leftovers for breakfast the next day!
Lunch after a tiring day of sight-seeing. Veggie club sandwiches, salmon with mashed potato and nachos on the side.

Best vegetarian meal I have ever had.

Of course I wouldn’t miss out on dessert. Browne with ice-cream and whipped cream.
I still can’t get over how good this salmon wrap was. Definitely going to have it again someday.
And here’s a snapshot of the beautiful city of Auckland.
Not exactly touristy shoes but can deny wanting to wear them?
Dinner high up at the Skytower. Not the best food but the view makes it worthwhile.

More dessert.
Nandos- we ordered about seven different plates. I think I had enough Nandos to last the next ten years.
Snacking after a boring day at Auckland Museum. Made me realize we’re not really ‘museum’ people.
That’s it for now. Till next time.

2 thoughts on “My Foodie in New Zealand

  1. Sounds like you guys had a fun time.. I have not yet been to New Zealand but definitely on my list of must go places :))Would love to hear more about the place and your recommended must visits 🙂

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