Bits and pieces from my wedding: Part 1

Not exactly the most imaginative title but it’s been a while since I’ve posted something so I’ll let it pass.

As some of you may or may not have heard, I recently tied the knot. It’s been about 3 weeks since my big day and also more than a month since my last blog post. Getting married will do that to you. You seem to lose all track of time because there’s madness and chaos everywhere and any free time that you do have just seems to disintegrate into thin air. Now that things have settled down for me, it’s time to start a new series of blog posts about my crazy/awesome wedding.

I remember planning to have a specific and organized order to these posts. But right now I just want to publish something so please ignore the random pictures which have no obvious order. Let’s start this post with my henna night.

All my wedding functions took place in Sydney so I basically had to drag everything on a 14 hour flight and then we had about a week to get everything ready for this night.I’m still in shock that it went so well. Even I had fun and I’m the bride so that’s definitely saying something. One thing that I did not enjoy- it can be very frustrating to be the bride because all you’re allowed to do is sit and look pretty. This obviously meant I couldn’t take any pictures of all the yummy food and pretty decorations so all these photos have been taken by other people.

Here’s two pictures of all my lovely friends dressed up to greet the guests.

My henna night was held at the home of a close friend and I guess that made it even more memorable to have family and friends helping out and sharing all the fun, laughter and madness while you spend late nights decorating the house, preparing guest lists and table settings.

My mini flower explosion

The final stage

I wish I had been able to walk around with my camera for even 10 minutes. I caught glimpses of all the beautifully decorated snacks and sweets people bought for me and it’s such a shame I don’t have any pictures of them to post over here. But from what I heard, almost every type and variety of desi mithai and snacks were in that house on my henna night.   

This is a small shot of the flower garlands that we had to make by hand.

Some of the awesome food placed in front of me. Having to eat it all was not so awesome

Handmade painting of a traditional ‘palki’
 That’s it for now. Keep your eyes on this page…more to come soon!

4 thoughts on “Bits and pieces from my wedding: Part 1

  1. can't wait to know and seeeee more about your D day…. i want more pics of your makeup (it was fabulous)upload all the other parts II,III already……….

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