Moist Chocolate Cupcakes

More cupcakes.
So remember when I said that my oven is working again? I was wrong. My mom’s friend came over last week to get a few ‘amateur-ish’ baking lessons from me; cupcakes in particular to bake for her children. So I decided to give the so-called ‘fixed’ oven a try and that’s how I ended up with a batch of flat vanilla cupcakes. I call them flat because they stopped rising after a while and even though they tasted fine, I’m sure you would understand why I haven’t put up any pictures of them. After the first batch of ruined cupcakes I gave up on my stupid oven and went over to my neighbour’s home to use her oven and baked these: the easiest and softest melt-in-your-mouth chocolate cupcakes.

My malfunctioning oven is probably a blessing in disguise because I’ve eaten about a dozen of these deliciously good choco-cupcakes.
If you’ve never made cupcakes before, this is the recipe for you. It requires the most basic ingredients and all you need to do is mix them together. I do wish I had bothered with step-by-step photos but I’m such a messy baker I think that might not be the best idea! However it is something I’ve been thinking about so keep looking for new blog posts!

Here’s one that turned into a marbled cupcake because of the leftover vanilla cupcake batter which was on the spoon. I think it looks pretty good, should probably think about making marbled cupcakes next time.

I was so tired and annoyed by the time I was done with the baking disaster that I just could not be bothered to frost them nicely. They would have looked (and tasted!) great with some white butter-cream frosting and sprinkles on top. The cupcakes also stay moist for about 2-3 days if you keep them dry and covered. Try them out because they do not disappoint!

“A chocolate in the mouth is worth two on the plate.”



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