Orange Delight

Just another quick dessert that I came up with on the spur of the moment!

Had a mom’s friend over last week, so I grabbed a couple of oranges and opened the box of whipping cream lying in the fridge. This entire thing took me less than an hour and that’s only because cutting the juicy oranges took a bit of time. If you use canned or fresh whipped cream you can save the 20 minutes or so that it takes to beat whipping cream until it becomes thickened.

So ‘Orange Delight’ (not a very imaginative name I guess) is basically made up of three parts: a biscuit layer, a cream layer and orange slices. Make each layer and then just scoop them alternatively, or however you like into little glasses. The taller the glass, the more layers you can have. 

“There is no blue without yellow and without orange.”
– Vincent Van Gogh



4 thoughts on “Orange Delight

  1. Hi TasmeeaThank you for dropping by at my blog and leaving sweet comments. :))I had bookmarked this dessert few days back. I love anything with crushed biscuits in it 😀 🙂 ;)Neelu

  2. Lovely blog, and you have a huge collection of recipes. I tried this orange flavoured drink at Wagamama, Palm and have been trying to recreate it as a dessert. You helped me out, thanks.

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