Coconut Oat Cookies

Here’s a fact for you. During the time that I’ve been typing this sentence, the screen on my brother’s laptop has blanked out about 5 times. That’s what happens when your own laptop randomly decides to take in a virus, making it completely useless. For the past week or so, I’ve been stuttling back and forth between my dad and brother’s laptops, whilst trying to get my own fixed. And there’s still a lot of work left to be done. It’s amazing how dependant we have become on technology so that when left without it, daily life becomes such a struggle. So in an attempt to end a rather annoying week on a lighter note, I’ve baked cookies. Again.

I found a box of fresh, shredded coconut in the fridge which no one had used it and hence it had become slightly damp from being in the fridge for so long. The best thing about nuts and other accondiments like shredded coconut is that you can roast them until they no longer smell or taste old. And then feel free to use them for cookies, brownies or just as simple garnish. This cookie recipe is a simple one that comes from a favourite book of mine. I baked double batches and now I have a huge tin full of coconut oat cookies- almost 50 of them. That’s the great thing about cookies. You can make a bunch and if stored properly, they will stay fresh for weeks. Unlike cupcakes which need to go into your stomach all at once so that they don’t spoil.

“A balanced diet is a cookie in each hand”

It’s a bit difficult to flatten the cookies after you drop spoonfuls of them onto the baking sheet. I tried to use the bottom of a glass as mentioned in the recipe but found it really annoying as the batter kept getting stuck to the glass. Then I tried a fork and found that to be a better idea. Don’t count on getting them round though. These will remain as shapeless cookies.

Try them out and feel free to let me know how they turn out!


2 thoughts on “Coconut Oat Cookies

  1. Hey Tasmeea, love oatmeal cookies in anyway or shape 🙂 From your recipe these are drop cookies and drop cookies do not need to be flattened by hand, you just simply drop them on cookie sheet and bake (hence the name). They should flatten in the oven, and drop cookies are irregularly shaped, but that is the beauty of them 🙂 So i can understand it was quite hard to flatten them with the glass!Adding coconut to these cookies is brilliant. Enjoyed reading your post..

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