Mini Chocolate Custards

Time for a really short post. A few months ago I bought a bunch of aluminium muffin tins only because they looked so nice. I thought I would use them to make creme brulee or anything that would look good in a small portion. I’m not a fan of custard and probably never will be. But I came up with this yesterday and got great responses from a few friends. They even had seconds! Its so quick and easy to make and all you need is basically custard powder. 
So its mix, heat, cook and there you have it- chocolate custard. Pouring the custard into the little cups is a great idea because they just look so much better that way. And its less messier as well. The custard didn’t really set as well as I wanted it to. I made it in the morning and had the guests over for lunch so it probably got only about 3 hours in the refrigerator. I would suggest freezing them for a day at least. Sprinkle anything chocolatey on top to make it look really tempting!

And on a further note, I finally made my first recipe card. I think its a much better way to write down my recipes and I’ve also included a link where you can get a bigger view and its printable as well! Do let me know your comments and /or suggestions for the recipe card and printout.


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