Key Lime Pie

About a month ago I was the lucky winner of a giveaway by Spontaneous Euphoria which is basically my friend’s blog and I ended up winning a beautiful dessert book by Hamlyn. So guess what I was doing less than an hour after the book got into my hands. Yup, I just couldn’t resist trying something out.

The book consists of about 200 dessert recipes and the pictures are just divine. They’re the sort of pictures which look good enough to lick. One of these days I really must learn to take pictures as awesome as the ones in this book. Anyway, my oven is still acting up, my dad is trying to get it fixed within a week or two. Since I didn’t want to risk making another disaster, I decided to try out something that didn’t require much baking. The Key Lime Pie recipe was so refreshing to make. I loved squeezing out so much lime juice that my fingers had that citrus smell all day long. The process is a lot similar to making cheesecake- first a hard biscuit layer that needs to be refrigerated before hand, followed by a lemon chiffon layer which requires 15-20 minutes of baking and finally, a whipped cream topping.
I had a few friends over yesterday and used them to ‘test’ this one out and they loved it. I didn’t taste it until today and finished two entire slices in one go. Absolutely delicious, I must make this again were the first words to enter my head! I used lime zest and coconut flakes to decorate the pie but I would love to use twisted lime slices the next time I make this.

A few things to remember. The lemon layer consists of making meringue which is then mixed with the egg yolk layer. It is really important that the egg yolks are completely separated from the egg whites otherwise the meringue will not form and that pretty much will ruin the light and fluffy texture of the lemon layer.
Here’s another recipe card, I’m still trying to test this out but for the moment I feel its a great way to be able to access my recipes and in future I might convert all the recipes on my blog onto recipe cards which can be actually be printed out.

Click here for a Printable Recipe


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