Thai Green Chicken Curry

I know its been ages since my last post and the culprit responsible for this lapse is my wretched oven. I might have mentioned in an earlier post about how my oven has been acting up. My dad checked it out the other day with an oven thermometer and it turned out that one of the heating elements are not working. And that’s basically why I’ve ruined about 4 cakes in the past month or so. Sigh.

Anyway, seeing how I haven’t written a post since the beginning of this month I decided it was time to make an effort to try something that wasn’t a dessert. Now as much as I love browsing online for recipes, I always prefer to get my recipes from books. I have a bunch of recipe books and cards which I’ve sort of inherited from my mother as she doesn’t seem interested in trying out new recipes as she once used to be a fan of. So I opened up a book called Step-by-step Thai Cooking and decided to try my hand at Thai green curry. I’ve always been intrigued by ‘green’ curry since my childhood in Malaysia where Chinese and Thai food is just so good! Seriously, everyone should take a trip to Malaysia just to try out the Oriental cuisine.

The name ‘green’ just means that the spices are generally green chillies, lemon based stuff like lemon zest or kaffir lime leaves which is a common ingredient in Thai cuisine. I have absolutely no idea where you can get that from but I do know it can be substituted by using lime zest so that’s good enough for me. 

Back to my recipe for today- Thai green chicken curry. I used whole chicken pieces for this, about one entire chicken which weighed a little less than one kilo. Feel free to use boneless chicken, chopped up into little cubes. The most prominent ingredient in terms of flavour comes from lemon grass. This is great stuff and if you are a fan of citrus and lime be sure to incorporated lemon grass into your cooking. You can get it from any large grocery store. The same goes for coconut milk. Now, the green curry that I made did not seem to have the creamy consistency that comes from using coconut milk. I think using coconut cream would have been a better idea. I added a little bit of whipping cream (3 tablespoons for every 1 cup of coconut milk) and that just caused the milky texture to seperate into solids and whey! I really think using yoghurt would have been the best. If you’re not a fan of coconut milk like me, just use yoghurt. Add in a little teaspoon of coconut extract if you want.
But other than the weird consistency, my family loved it my green curry. So did I, especially since the flavours of lemon and coriander really stood out. It was a little too spicy for my taste. I had added 4 green chillies so I think 3 would have been enough.
I’m already thinking of trying out another recipe from this book. Till then, fingers crossed for my oven!

2 teaspoons coriander seeds
1 teaspoon black peppercorns
3-5 fresh green chillies, chopped
1 tablespoon ginger paste
3 tablespoons chopped coriander leaves, roots and stems
2 large cloves garlic, crushed
3 tablespoons chopped spring onions (green and white parts)
1 lemon grass root, chopped
2 tablespoons vegetable oil
400ml coconut milk
4 lime leaves (or 1 tablespoon lime zest)
850 grams chicken (boneless or whole)
1 tablespoon thai sweet chilli sauce

1. Grind coriander and peppercorns to a powder in a grinder or use a pestle and mortar.
2. Add the fresh seasonings (chillies, ginger, coriander, garlic, spring onions and lemon grass) and grind to a paste. 
3. Fry this seasoning paste in a medium saucepan with the vegetable oil for 3-4 minutes. Add the chicken and cook for about 10 minutes, turning the pieces over occasionally. For boneless chicken, 10 minutes should be enough until the chicken has turned white and looks cooked. For whole chicken pieces, 15 minutes might be required. 
4. Add the coconut milk, lime zest or leaves and 1 cup of water to the chicken. Stir under high heat until the mixture comes to a boil. Lower the heat and simmer for 20-30 minutes until the broth looks thickened and the chicken is fully cooked. For boneless chicken, 15-20 minutes will be enough. Stir in the sweet chilli sauce. Add salt to taste and serve hot with rice. Garnish with basil leaves if desired. 

Sorry about some of the photos looking a little fake, I’m trying to use Photoshop but can’t seem to get the hang of it!


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