Modular Origami (Kusudama)

A belated Eid Mubarak to everyone! I haven’t posted anything since November started and boy do I feel guilty about it! So here’s my first post for the new month, and I’m going back to crafts this time. I’ve always been a fan of origami. Folding paper into a variety of shapes, watching a simple scrap of paper turn into a 3D object is both mesmerizing and I find the whole process very relaxing. Modular origami, or kusudama is a slightly more trickier type of origami and definitely requires much more patience. The concept basically consists of making the same piece over and over, repeating the procedure to create many similar little pieces. Ultimately the folded origami objects are then fitted together to create a round, ball shaped structure.
I tried out a few over the past few days and got really hooked on and even started looking for more patterns to try out. Initially I had tried to read step-by-step instructions from websites but found it tricky to focus on written instructions. Therefore I switched to watching videos which I would say are a much more convenient teaching agent. Youtube has a lot of great videos, a search for modular origami or kusudama reveals many interesting ideas. Here a few pictures of some that I tried out over the past week:

I used post its and wrapping paper to make these. Personally I prefer post its since they come in little pieces and there is no need to waste time cutting out wrapping paper into measured pieces. Try printing out your own paper as well.


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