Scrapbooking: Part 1

A few pictures of something I got up to recently after my summer trip. The thing I love most about travelling is all the great photos that you get to take. There’s nothing more nostalgic than curling up with a good old photo album of people and places that you haven’t seen in ages. However, with the new age of digital cameras, photo albums have sort of disappeared and I think that’s how I got into scrap booking. Going on long trips presents an opportunity to collect not only photos but also tokens, tickets and other printed media to store and look at later to bring back great memories. Here are a few photos from my scrapbooks; I usually prefer to make the entire book from scratch and tend to use paper and card of many colours and textures. To save time, some people prefer to buy pre-made scrap books that can be found in selected stationary shops. At the same time, you can also use a large photo album to store pictures, tickets etc. This post contains only a few pointers and ideas, will be posting more on this later!

Putting photos in your scrapbook:
Picture are the focus point of any scrapbook page, use as many as you like. I prefer one single photo to summarize the day or the particular outing. Using a bright background for an otherwise mundane photo can really accentuate the scene. You can cut them into nice shapes and write facts about your day…
I like to make scrap books where the backgrounds have a theme related to the day or just any random theme. On this page, I tried to ‘paint’ something like a garden with trees and branches at the back (note the green and blue colours), however my poor drawing skills don’t make it so obvious…

Cut out ‘corners’ from coloured paper (I use post-its) to frame a picture especially if the background is printed or colourful.  Try and stick to a few colours for every page. In this one, I’ve used a map of the resort where we were staying as the background and chose a few complementary colors from that to complete the page. 

Themes are completely optional. I tend to make themes because they speak for themselves and bring back memories right away so that all you need is one picture at most, and some printed media such as a ticket or something from a brochure to complete the look.
This page contains a sort of ‘lookout’ window similar to the ones on planes. Note the blue tissue paper cut out to resemble clouds…
This page was about a trip to a night safari hence the animal print background…

Fireworks and a city skyline to represent a day of sightseeing in the city…

And my favourite- a shopping theme! Went a bit crazy with cutouts and receipts…

Afternoon in a coffee shop- the background is the tissue paper that I saved …

Afternoon sunset- I was originally going to enlarge the sunset picture that I took, but that would be too dull so I tried to make a silhouette instead. Put in the ship cutout just to make things stand out.

More pictures from my scrapbooks coming soon!


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