Glass painting

A few pictures of something I’ve recently been up to- glass painting. Its relatively simple and can be quite fun. You can purchase glass paints from any stationary store. The set comes equipped with different coloured paints and also something to draw on the glass with. Glass can be found in most hardware stores, I chose small sizes since this is the first time I’ve tried this out. I found pictures of painted glass online and used them to draw my own pattern on a piece of paper cut down to the same size of the glass. After that its just a matter of tracing the patter onto the glass with the pattern placed underneath it:
The ‘pen’ is similar to a small henna tube, requires the right application of pressure and balance to draw a pattern on the glass. Let the drawing dry for about 2 hours before you start painting.

To start painting, all you have to do it squeeze the bottle and allow the paint to fill up the space between the black lines. Let the finished painting dry for about 2 hours. 

I still haven’t finished painting my other pattern, but this is something fun to try out so I’d say give it a shot!


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