Chocolate madness

Hello hello I’m back!

Yes I am back from my great trip and hence its about time for another blog post about delicious goodies.
My stay in Malaysia was lucky enough to fall on the same week as my friend’s 20th birthday party. It was a great day with even greater food. I didn’t really get a chance to take pictures of the main food so I’ll just go over the hugely successful dessert table. The main attraction was the chocolate fountain which dominated the eyes of adults and children alike. Strawberries, bananas, banana bread and huge marshmallows were laid out as fondue to be dipped into the fountain using skewers. Yum yum! The birthday cake was deep, dark chocolate awesomeness, with a dark chocolate icing, baked at home by a neighbour. The entire day was chocolate overload! We also whipped up a batch of cupcakes and quickly frosted them right before all the guests arrived. The table settings looked great as well, have a look for yourselves:

The chocolate fountain
How good does that look?

Fondue for dipping

The delicious birthday cake

More fondue


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