Food in Malaysia

Hello once again!

My apologies for not posting anything in a while. I’m still travelling and things have gotten a little crazy, but here’s a few updates from my trip.
My recent stay in Malaysia was a blur of great food, shopping and more food. I am a huge fan of chinese/asian food which I really miss when I’m back in Dubai. Here are a few pictures of all the stuff we ate on our trip:

Breakfast on my first day in Malaysia:

Dosa Masala

Iced lemon tea

Roti Canai

Dinner at Lookout Point:

Singaporean fried noodles

Lunch at Pavillion:

Stir fried chilli beef in a wok!

Pineapple rice

Tom Yam Soup- me and my dad just can’t get enough of it!

Sweet and sour chicken with rice

And more….coming soon!


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