Candle Holders

So today, to start off my first post on the ‘other random stuff’ as promised by my blog title, I decided to make candles at home. I’ve always loved decorative candles and have been fascinated by the talent that is required to make them. However, candle making is a difficult and daunting task which can be extremely messy and that’s pretty much why I never got around to trying it out until now. 
A few months ago I happened to come across a ‘Candle Making kit’ at a book fair. This kit basically contained everything required to make 6 candle holders along with the candles. The candle holders were really pretty flower shaped clay holders which could be decorated by painting or by using coloured sand and glitter. However, simple clay pots can also be used to make similar candle holders.
As you can see, the flower shaped candle holders are a clean slate to do whatever you like. I started mine off with poster paints and then moved on to using coloured sand which I pasted on with glue. 

Glitter glue is also a really easy way to jazz up art work especially for inexperienced people like me.
After you’re done with the candle holder, it’s time to make the candle and set it with a wick into the holder. Melting wax pellets is an easy way to make the candle. Alternatively you can break a plain white candle into pieces and place it in a stainless steel saucepan which can be scrubed clean later on (Stay clear of mum’s favourite pans or she could threaten to ban you from the kitchen as mine once did!). But be warned-making the candle is a messy job. Wax, even when molten can solidify really easily and this can be a nightmare to remove should it get on clothes or kitchen counters. Once the wax pellets are in the pan, place it on the stove under medium heat and slowly allow the pieces to melt. For coloured candles, add bits of wax crayons, or oil pastels if you want a deeper colour. As soon as the candle wax is completely liquid, pour it into the candle holder, holding up the wick straight. And yes here comes the annoying part where you actually have to hold the wick in place until it solidifies and sets.
Here are two that I made today (whilst watching my graduation ceremony on TV, and yes this is just the start to all the fun stuff I can be doing now that I have nothing to do anymore!).

And this is after adding the candle wax with the wick (you can use a piece of thick yarn for a wick).

Proof of my fascination with candles-


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